III Jornadas do Ensino do Empreendedorismo – data e local para 2017!

As terceiras Jornadas do Ensino do Empreendedorismo já foram anunciadas, serão no dia 14 de Setembro de 2017, em Aveiro. Mais informação aqui!

Call For Papers: we accept papers in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

For the CEE’2017 we accept works resulting from empirical or theoretical research, case studies or fieldwork on entrepreneurship education, and it is very important that they reflect the objective results obtained and their real impact. We want to address entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education in a comprehensive way, not specifically restricted to start-ups, but also to the development of high-impact projects, both in the public and private sectors, from its conception to implementation and assessment. Examples of topics relevant to this conference are the following:

• Methods and methodologies of entrepreneurship teaching;

• Entrepreneurial educational institutions, the model of education for entrepreneurship at institutional level;

• Cases and practices in the teaching of entrepreneurship;

• The teaching of entrepreneurship in the context of the regional innovation system;

• Issues, contradictions, challenges and perspectives for the future;

• Use of front-end tools for innovation.

• Pedagogical theories in entrepreneurship education

• Innovative materials and new tools for teaching entrepreneurship

• Teaching and learning experiences in entrepreneurship education

• Engagement, impact and evaluation

• Innovations in Assessment

• Emerging technologies in learning (e.g., MOOC, OER, gamification)

• Experiences outside the classroom (e.g., practicums, mobility)

• Competency-based learning and skill assessment

• Entrepreneurship education for non-business students

• Regional ecosystems and entrepreneurial mindset



Departamento de Valorização do Conhecimento e Inovação Instituto Pedro Nunes

Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento em Ciência e Tecnologia


Rua Pedro Nunes, 3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal


+351 239 700 300

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